Monday, September 29, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

What a weekend!! The weekend started with a trip to the hair salon to get a pre-wedding cut and get these dreaded highlights out of my hair. My hair is much darker now and from what everyone tells me, it looks good. I'm not convinced though.

Saturday was my bachelorette party!!! I was picked up by my MOH and taken to the city. We took a taxi to the restaurant. This was exciting for me! I'd NEVER done the taxi thing. We had dinner outside at La Fontana. Amazingly the weather cooperated and the food was delicious. I had their ravioli and a cannoli for dessert. After dinner and multiple glasses of wine we walked to Continental Midtown. After that the night was a blur! Just kidding, of course! The girls got me a veil with shot glasses attached, a penis crown (lovely, I know), a Bride-to-Be sash, multiple buttons, necklaces...basically I was a walking party favor. This of course caused me to get lots of attention, both good & bad, as well as my picture on an awesome website. No drink was off limits either. I think the shots of Grey Goose and Jameson did me in. Hubby took good care of me Saturday night and Sunday. It was only fair!

Oh and Philly's night life and restaurants are awesome. Can't wait to check it out with Hubby after we're married!

NL East Champs!!!

October baseball - SWEEET! The Phillies clenched the NL East title on Saturday, one day before the end of the regular season. The Phils beat the Nationals 4-3. Phil's closer Brad Lidge worked himself into a jam the top of the 9th inning, almost blowing the game. A Philly win never seems to come easy! The Phils beat the Nationals again on Sunday - more icing on the cake.

The best part - bye, bye Mets! The Marlins beat the Mets to knock them out of the Wildcard. That's karma baby! The Phils will face the Brewers in the first round of the playoffs. Unfortunately I won't be able to get to a game with the wedding and HM but will definitely try to score tix for the next round.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Hooray for Warranties

I bought a pretty expensive tv last July. It is a Phillip's 42" LCD HD television (from Sears). I actually just finished paying off the tv last month. I'm never one to buy extended warranties on anything but with the way things are made these days it seemed like a good idea. The tv itself was $1800 (ouch). I figured for $300 for a three year warranty it was well worth protecting my investment.

Hubby was trying to play Rockband 2 last night but there was no sound. We checked the connections and tried again. No luck! Past experience told us our Xbox 360 was at fault considering this is our 3rd Xbox and the last one malfunctioned after less than a year. We checked the DVD player and soon found out that none of the back audio inputs on the tv were working. I had not even considered that something could be wrong with the tv; not after only a year. Things just aren't made the same anymore. Gone are the days when a tv would last for 10-20 years. Luckily, we have a warranty, which I think I have Hubby to thank for talking me into getting one :) Sears is sending someone out to look at it on Saturday. Hopefully they'll just let us get a new one and be done with it, but I doubt it!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rite of Passage

Saturday night was Hubby's surprise bachelor party. Hubby thought we were going to the bar with my brother and his girlfriend, but instead the guys picked him up in a limo.

I had a little party of my own while the guys were gone. Unfortunately for Paige and the kitties, I had a few drinks and a solo Karaoke night :) I played Rockband for a few hours and had a blast. At about a quarter of one, Annabelle started acting weird and looking at the door. I open the door and there's good ole' hubby leaning against the wall. He then falls on the living room floor and passes out. I will save you from further details of the night. I had all intentions of providing a complete synopsis of the evening that followed, but posting it for the world to see would only make me hold on to the anger that I've worked past.

My bachelorette party is this weekend! Although I'm quite the vindictive little b*tch; I'm going to be good. I can't wait for a night out with girls! The night is entirely a surprise. My MOH knows me really well so I know we'll have a blast! Details & pics to follow!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Let's Talk About Migraines

If you've never had a migraine, consider yourself lucky. If you don't know if you've had a migraine, you haven't. Trust me, you would know.

As a teenager I had horrible headaches pretty much every other day; alot of it related to allergies/sinus problems and my wisdom teeth. In my late teens and early twenties, I began to get migraines. The smallest thing can trigger a migraine. Doctors say to avoid caffeine, alcohol and chocolate. That's only slightly impossible considering I work early in the morning (need coffee), am young and like to have fun (need booze), and I'm A WOMAN (need chocolate)!

Luckily the frequency of migraines has decreased as I changed my diet and got older. People at work know when I have a migraine though because my office overhead lights are turned off. Stupid fluorescent lights - I miss my window office!

Unfortunately, I have a migraine tonight, right now actually... The combination of symptoms is agonizing. My head is pounding, I'm nauseous (TMI, I know!), and sensitive to light and sound. The sensitive to light and sound means sitting in a dark room with complete silence to avoid further nausea and head pounding.

Well I'm not tired migraine so, GO AWAY already!

Friday, September 12, 2008

We're MARRIED!!!!

Kinda, sorta, NOT REALLY married! FH, who we'll now call Hubby, thinks so. We went to get our marriage license today. We filled out a basic form, gave them $28, and in 72 hours we can officially be married. It's a major check on the list!

Hubby jokes that I'm his property now and he could bet me in a poker game if he wanted to. (He watches too many old movies!) Last night, I told him that if it's my last single night I'm at least going out and partying it up!

Instead, I went to pottery last night like a good girl. Now that I'm done the favors for the wedding I'm at a loss for what to make. I'm not inspired to create anything in particular right now but I could get an early start on Christmas gifts. The new teacher is kind of strange...I don't really like her and she's not very helpful. I managed to throw 2 bowls, a mug, and a candle holder. Sunday is open session so I think I'll go work on plates or pitchers.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Day in the Life of Swedish

I recently had a conversation with a friend that made me question where my blog was going or why I even had one. My blog started due to procrastination, in one of my ambitious moments it went towards crafty, but now I must say it's b*tching and wedding related. It's really just a reflection on myself and what I'm going through, with no purpose. I will say though...that when I have kids, I will NOT be one of those people that posts about what little Bobby did today that was so darn cute or what little Susie and I did at the park during our play date.

My friend told me he already knew what my blog said without having to read it. Here is my blog according to my friend:

I woke up. I went to work. I came home. I meowed at the cat. I made dinner. I went to bed.

You know what, he's right! Except add in there, I woofed at the dog and I went to the gym.

I have yet to give my friend the link to my blog...but I anticipate giving it to him when I can prove him wrong!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DONE, well sorta!

Ugh going back to work after a week off was unbearable!

On a positive note, I'm finished with my Environmental Law class. I submitted the final at 10:00pm Monday night and it was sitting in my inbox at 6:51 am Tuesday morning with SEVENTEEN comments!! Yes, the teacher was nice enough to offer us the option of revising our finals if we sent them in early but I figured, eh it's good enough. Nope, not really. I addressed each and every one of those damn comments. I resubmitted last night and prayed that it would not be in my inbox this morning. It was due at 12 noon today so I wouldn't have time for any more corrections. Nope, instead of being in my inbox, she posted my A! Thank God it's finally over, I was beginning to lose it!

Now what to do with all this spare time I gain from not having class on Wednesdays or homework due every week you ask? Plan a wedding! Duh! I thought I would feel a weight lifted from my shoulders after being done class but I'm starting to think the giant knot in my stomach is wedding related. So instead of sitting here blogging I should be assembling the favors (blah), contacting my vendors, figuring out how I want my hair, buying wedding day jewelry, starting a seating chart, creating programs...I think you get the picture.

RSVPs are due tomorrow and I'm still waiting to hear from 50-something people. That's literally half of the people we invited! How hard is it to fill out the little card and put it in the already addressed/already stamped envelope? Seriously? Seriously! (End Rant)

So instead of sitting here...I'm going to get off my butt, go to the gym, and maybe try to accomplish something wedding related tonight.

Monday, September 1, 2008


Saturday was unfortunately eventful. FH and me came home from the beach which put me in a foul mood. I'm always depressed coming home from vacation but even more so this year because I had to deal with the reality of completing my take home final for Wednesday and wedding craziness. FH ran out to a "draft party." He's in a fantasy football league. Football is the only sport I really can't tolerate. As a kid, it was always on in our house all day and night on Sundays and I grew to hate it. FH is really excited about football so it's all he tends to talk about from September until January. Poor me! FH had a good time at the draft and had a bit to drink. Needless to say I picked him up from the party and we didn't speak to each other all night expect to throw a few jabs (verbally!) here and there.
FH woke me up around 9:30 Saturday night with terrible news. Paige's BFF and FH's family's dog Caseygirl was very sick at the vet. Casey was a beautiful, gentle, and loving girl. We miss you so much!