Friday, August 12, 2011


For most of my pregnancy, I’ve been pretty quiet.  But recently, I’ve hit a milestone and I want to celebrate.

28 weeks!!!  { the point at which baby’s chance of survival outside the womb is 90%.  Now obviously I want her to stay put for another 10-12 weeks but each milestone makes me breathe a little easier.}

28 week belly….{Edited:  Currently ~31 weeks…just really behind in blogging}

At this point, I’m feeling incredibly unprepared.  Baby’s room is in shambles…electrician isn’t coming until next week…and we haven’t really bought much yet.  With the electrician coming, buying anything else has been on hold since we already have huge crib and changing table boxes taking up space; not to mention the glider and ottoman in the middle of my living room since there isn’t anywhere else to put it. 

This baby girl is active…all day long.  I love feeling her little kicks and punches, but sometimes I feel like she is going to burst out of my stomach.

Since I can’t get her room ready, I’ve been knitting and sewing.  My knitting skills are limited…but I’m pretty proud that I could make cute little baby hats.  I’ve definitely picked up the knitting bug and am trying to teach myself how to knit all sorts of crazy patterns.

This is one of the hats I made…my first project using double pointed needles.  I’m finishing up the last few row using the same hat pattern but in pink.  Not sure what my next knitting project will be…surely something baby related!