Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scrap Bee Complete

So my first and only bee is wrapping up.  I have to say it worked out perfectly.  We’re finishing up 2 months early as we had 2 participants drop out…who just happened to have the months of November and December.  Perfect for me since who knows how much time I’ll have to sew with a newborn…who’s arrival is late!

For August. our bee mama asked for a block to make Mona W’s European Stories Quilt.  A very easy block to make…I was really hoping to send Corley an appliqued block but nothing came out quite right so I fussy cut a MoMo print.  I dove into the scrap basket for the border and love the scrappy outcome. 

I was slightly confused about September’s block…Christine requested a Scrappy Depression Block, basically sewing a bunch of half square triangles together any way we wanted.  I might have taken it a bit too literally, because my block looks nothing like anyone else’s….

Pam requested a monochromatic, crazy, scrappy block using Aneela Hoey's tutorial.  We each picked a different color to send and although my pink scraps/stash far out weigh any other color I chose red to challenge myself.  I like how it came out but I don’t think I could make more than 2 of these blocks ever.  It’s good to try new things though.

I’m currently on maternity leave from work…baby girl is a little late arriving….5 days past so far!  Here’s my 34 week belly at my last Phil’s game of the season!


Here’s hoping she comes soon!!