Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Currently on the needles....

I've been bit by the knitting bug!

I just cast on a new project and I'm addicted.  During the past winter, I took a knitting class. I didn't learn very much (or knit very much) but I finished my project.  During the class, I went to my local yarn shop Hooked (formerly Woolplay) and saw sample blocks from Michelle Hunter's book Building Blocks.  I never thought I'd knit an afghan (blanket?) but the blocks were so soft. 

First block - barely in progress
First block - 1/2 done
The yarn is Simpliworsted and is a superwash wool, acrylic, and nylon blend.  It's is so soft and buttery.  It's a little bit splitty but the colors are amazing.  So far I've only picked up bubblebum, but I plan on adding gray and framboise too.

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Sasha said...

Your block is looking lovely!!! That yarn sounds perfect for a blanket =D