Friday, September 12, 2008

We're MARRIED!!!!

Kinda, sorta, NOT REALLY married! FH, who we'll now call Hubby, thinks so. We went to get our marriage license today. We filled out a basic form, gave them $28, and in 72 hours we can officially be married. It's a major check on the list!

Hubby jokes that I'm his property now and he could bet me in a poker game if he wanted to. (He watches too many old movies!) Last night, I told him that if it's my last single night I'm at least going out and partying it up!

Instead, I went to pottery last night like a good girl. Now that I'm done the favors for the wedding I'm at a loss for what to make. I'm not inspired to create anything in particular right now but I could get an early start on Christmas gifts. The new teacher is kind of strange...I don't really like her and she's not very helpful. I managed to throw 2 bowls, a mug, and a candle holder. Sunday is open session so I think I'll go work on plates or pitchers.

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