Wednesday, September 3, 2008

DONE, well sorta!

Ugh going back to work after a week off was unbearable!

On a positive note, I'm finished with my Environmental Law class. I submitted the final at 10:00pm Monday night and it was sitting in my inbox at 6:51 am Tuesday morning with SEVENTEEN comments!! Yes, the teacher was nice enough to offer us the option of revising our finals if we sent them in early but I figured, eh it's good enough. Nope, not really. I addressed each and every one of those damn comments. I resubmitted last night and prayed that it would not be in my inbox this morning. It was due at 12 noon today so I wouldn't have time for any more corrections. Nope, instead of being in my inbox, she posted my A! Thank God it's finally over, I was beginning to lose it!

Now what to do with all this spare time I gain from not having class on Wednesdays or homework due every week you ask? Plan a wedding! Duh! I thought I would feel a weight lifted from my shoulders after being done class but I'm starting to think the giant knot in my stomach is wedding related. So instead of sitting here blogging I should be assembling the favors (blah), contacting my vendors, figuring out how I want my hair, buying wedding day jewelry, starting a seating chart, creating programs...I think you get the picture.

RSVPs are due tomorrow and I'm still waiting to hear from 50-something people. That's literally half of the people we invited! How hard is it to fill out the little card and put it in the already addressed/already stamped envelope? Seriously? Seriously! (End Rant)

So instead of sitting here...I'm going to get off my butt, go to the gym, and maybe try to accomplish something wedding related tonight.

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Anna said...

Well done on the class!!!

I hope you're not too stressed out about the wedding stuff...