Monday, September 29, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

What a weekend!! The weekend started with a trip to the hair salon to get a pre-wedding cut and get these dreaded highlights out of my hair. My hair is much darker now and from what everyone tells me, it looks good. I'm not convinced though.

Saturday was my bachelorette party!!! I was picked up by my MOH and taken to the city. We took a taxi to the restaurant. This was exciting for me! I'd NEVER done the taxi thing. We had dinner outside at La Fontana. Amazingly the weather cooperated and the food was delicious. I had their ravioli and a cannoli for dessert. After dinner and multiple glasses of wine we walked to Continental Midtown. After that the night was a blur! Just kidding, of course! The girls got me a veil with shot glasses attached, a penis crown (lovely, I know), a Bride-to-Be sash, multiple buttons, necklaces...basically I was a walking party favor. This of course caused me to get lots of attention, both good & bad, as well as my picture on an awesome website. No drink was off limits either. I think the shots of Grey Goose and Jameson did me in. Hubby took good care of me Saturday night and Sunday. It was only fair!

Oh and Philly's night life and restaurants are awesome. Can't wait to check it out with Hubby after we're married!

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