Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Wedding Updates

My mom found this wedding store near our house that has EVERYTHING! I needed to get my brother's girlfriend's daughter Micky a birthday gift so my mom agreed to go with me if I went with her to this store. I think we were in this bridal store for 2 hours! I found a headpiece which I was avoiding as everything I looked at was over $300...craziness. The first headpiece the lady put on me was perfect and get this; it was less than $100. I also got my shoes. They're hott! Two more things to check off of my list. I will definitely be going back to get other wedding stuff like toasting flutes, unity candle, etc.

Oh, and I ended up getting Micky barbies at the toy store :) She loves them and so did I when I was a little girl!

Other wedding fun: there was no response from the vendor I picked for the invitations. I should have had the proof last week and still hadn't heard anything. I think it was a big mixup with my phone number. I finally talked to them today and I have to go in to look at the font colors to make sure they're right. So much for doing it online! It's ok because they are only 10 minutes from my house. We're just about at the 3 month mark and I'm starting to PAAAANIC!

Sidenote: FH got his ring (they sized it wrong the first time) and his passport came in the mail last week. His passport is different than mine. I hope they let me leave the country for the honeymoon but more importantly that they let me back in!

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