Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bridal Shower Surprise!!!

So instead of my parent's anniversary brunch, Sunday was my surprise bridal shower. I must admit, I had my suspicions but I wasn't positive. My entire family, including my grandmom and FH, have been lying for months about it!! I guess you could say I knew, but wasn't positive. What gave it away was my brother offered to pick us up (he never drives) and FH's family kept calling all morning, including his Nan who never calls. I was really surprised that all of my bridesmaids were there as Em lives in California! We got really cool gifts like a programmable coffee maker, a grill, pots and pans, a rug shampooer, toaster oven, crock pot, and gift cards. I'm going to my mom's tonight to open my gift from my parents since I didn't want FH to see it as the mother of the bride traditionally buys what the bride wears her wedding night.

The shower theme was 'baking' which the girls picked - i loved it! I now have tons of cookie cutters since they hung them as decorations around the room and lots of recipes since the girls sent out recipe cards with the invitations. FH's dad made us a recipe box for the shower (it's beautiful) with a really old piece of cherry wood he had been saving. It's like 25 years old or something! I love baking/cooking so I was really excited about the theme. I received a rolling pin and all sorts of baking pans, now I just need to get in the kitchen!

After the shower, FH's family and mine came over to the house since alot of them still haven't seen it. Thankfully, FH knew about the shower so he picked up around the house! I'm fairly traditional so I thought my mom would keep the stuff from the shower at her house until after the wedding. She wasn't too keen on that since there was so much stuff so everything came back to our house. FH and I debated what to do with the goodies and decided storing them in our attic (too hot) or our basement (too wet and musty) until after the wedding is crazy. So as I write out my thank you cards I'll be unpacking our new fun stuff :)

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