Thursday, July 24, 2008

Please don't poke me : (

Today I had my biannual work physical, which is odd because I've been with the company 3 years so technically I should have had it last year. I have an insane fear of needles so I pleaded my way out of the physical last year because I wasn't doing any field work. Well since I'm doing field work again and will probably continue to do so, I had to get my physical, including blood work (UGH!!!!).

I was really worked up before leaving in the morning, freaking out, making myself worry, crying, etc. FH didn't help either. He just randomly forgot about my fear of needles and thought it the perfect time to complain to me about his cleaning at the dentist scheduled for the same morning. A cleaning???? Really?!?!?! Come on!!! I'd rather get cavities filled than have my blood drawn!

It was scheduled for 10am, which is kinda late considering you have to fast for the blood work and I didn't get out until 12:00 or so. I definitely almost passed out during the blood work from not eating. They were really nice though and gave me coffee loaded up with sugar when I was done. Oh and my vision, hearing, breathing, and heart are OK and I can wear a respirator if I need to!

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Anna said...

Glad you got an okey at the doctors and that you survived the blood drawing as you feel really uncomfortable about having it done.