Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Surrounded By Leaves

Here's the latest of what I've been doing in pottery besides throwing:

Since we're having an October wedding, I decided to cut leaves out of clay and make magnets. A coworker made magnets for her friends wedding using marine animals so I borrowed the idea from her. Lucky for me, we're only having a 100 people. I think her friends wedding had around 250!!

Here are the leaves post bisque prior to glazing. We are using 4 different shapes although for some reason I've been slacking from using the maple leaf. I wonder how that happened! These leaves were textured using a piece of lace-y fabric crocheted by my great grandmother. The fabric was rolled onto the clay before the shapes were cut out. They came out really nice and I wish we had done this from the beginning!

Here are the leaves after glazing and the second firing in the kiln. I've made about 75 so far and have been trying multiple color combinations. The reddish/pinkish leaf with the yellow around the outside was a test leaf. I really like the way it turned out. I think the tech at the pottery studio hates me though because there's a never ending stream of leaves for him to fire! My favorite so far has been green with tinges of purples throughout sponged on. The color combination looks beautiful however unnatural the leaves may look.

Besides leaves, I've cut out butterflies (which are even smaller than the leaves) to make wind chimes for my bridesmaids and I added handles on 3 mugs last night and threw a tiny completely off center plate. I'm struggling with centering again which is really frustrating because I've been doing this for 2 years now. There's only 2 weeks left of pottery before class ends so I'm definitely going to the studio this weekend to get some more throwing in.

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Anna said...

I took a pottery class when I was ten and thought it was a lot of fun. Have thought numerous times that I'd try one again but I always back out... I kind of like the thought of hobbies I can do at home without too much effort and pottery isn't one of those...

Great looking leaves! I hope your guests appreciate them!