Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Nature at its best

There is a huge rhododendron along our fence line. It bloomed earlier in the spring and was beautiful. Now that the flowers have fallen, I've noticed a nest in it. There has been a bird, maybe a robin, sitting in it constantly for the past few weeks. Well a few days ago the bird disappeared and FH found an egg on the ground below the nest. I felt horrible for this bird that's been sitting in the nest for weeks only to have something, most likely a crazy squirrel, come along and destroy the nest. Well last night when I was watering the plants, I saw three tiny beaks sticking out the top of the nest. Momma bird must have been off gathering food because these babies were hungry. The babies weren't more than a few days old. I took this picture from afar as to not scare the babies or the mom from coming back. Better pictures to come; I don't want to get too close.

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