Friday, June 6, 2008

We have RING!

Yes, ring singular. FH got his wedding ring today while my search continues. I'm being very picky probably because FH got me such a fancy e-ring :) He's the best! FH's ring is titanium (very non-traditional). With the price of gold and the fact that he'll probably lose it since he's never worn jewelry before, titanium was a better choice. I told him I'd get him gold but he really likes his ring. It's very manly.
On a different note:
My job description is officially changing FINALLY! I've been transitioning out of my group for about a year and today I was informed I am no longer in the chemistry group but am now in some other (better) group. I will be celebrating tonight.
I was awesome at my old job. Now I'm worried because I'm pretty much starting over again and maybe I won't be so awesome at this. I used to have my own work and I was always busy but with starting in a different group I don't have my own work yet. I hate not having work to makes me want to blog :)

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