Monday, June 9, 2008

Procrastinating Part II

The weekend started off excellent. I have a take home final and 10 page paper due on Thursday so I started Friday night off by completing the final. I'm off to a good start, right? Nope! After Friday I did nothing....absolutely nothing. The heat was my excuse for procrastination this time. It was 96 out and we don't have AC, except in the bedroom. I cleaned all morning Saturday, relaxed all afternoon - in the ungodly heat, and went out drinking Saturday night when my butt should have been home working on that paper. Sunday FH's parents came for a visit to look at sites for our rehearsal dinner. Now I could have stayed home but I wanted to see where our rehearsal dinner might be. That's a big decision! I managed to get a total of 3 pages out of 10 typed by 10pm last night. So now it's Monday and unfortunately I have a full time job so the rest of my paper will have to be done at night. My goal tonight is to get another 3 pages done so I can stop freaking out.

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