Friday, June 13, 2008

Introductions: Meet Paigey

Yesterday was an exciting mess! After work I had to drop off FH, run to the grocery store for baked goods supplies, bake the brownies, get changed, grab the dog, water/supplies, cut the fresh out of the oven brownies and get to the game. Our softball team is not very good (and that's me being nice) but we won! It's the second win of the season with only a few games left. It was awesome to see! FH got a triple his first at bat with a sexy slide to reach 3rd!
I brought our first born Paigey (see above). I got Paige from an animal shelter 3 years ago as soon as I moved out of my parents house. She's about 5 now. I wanted a companion since I was living alone and she was perfect, with a little Petsmart obedience school of course! Paige loves other dogs so she has a hard time accepting when other dogs don't like her. Paige got into a fight at the game last night and didn't even know it. She's giving kisses (her FAV thing to do) and he's growling and snapping at her. So the rest of the game was spent keeping the 2 dogs separate so my baby didn't get hurt.
On a side note, my laptop has an extreme virus and is completely unusable right now :( I had a few too many beverages at the game last night and during my intoxicated-ness clicked on a link in a comment posted on AOL. My virus protection/spyware was out of date hence virus. I'll have to fix it after work now that I'm sober!

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