Friday, June 20, 2008

Let's Get This Weekend Started!

So excited for the weekend! Nope, we aren't doing anything special. I just won't have to be at work!

This week wasn't too bad. There were 2 major accomplishments in the wedding plans!! FH finally applied for his passport which I'm really excited about. Maybe we can go to Canada in August :) And I ordered our invitations yesterday! I did it almost entirely online. I really didn't want to have to go to the store to order although it is local so instead I worked out the details over the phone. Unless you know what you want or you really don't care, I recommend going in and picking the invitations out. The font colors look entirely different on the preview screen than they look on the sample invitation, which is why I had to call. I should get them in 2 weeks or so which is awesome. Our wedding is fall-themed so the invitations have pretty leaves on them with goldish writing. Now if only I could find a wedding ring!

Weekend plans include Phillies game Saturday night (Go Phils!) cleaning the house, maybe a BBQ with family/friends, and crafting :) I also have this second job I haven't been to in awhile, like 6 months, that I should go to. It's OK, my mom's my boss!

I've been on break from school for the past week and haven't had motivation to do anything other than lounge around the house and water the plants occassionally. (BTW- I got 2 A+'s....that's just crazyiness! Oh and I start another class next week.). I think to help get back on track and be more active I'm going to make a list of 50-100 goals, set a completion date, and of course blog about it. I borrowed this idea from Anna (who's blog I read because she's so crafty) who is working towards 101 in 1001 days. I can't wait to get started although coming up with a list of 50-100 things will be difficult. More to follow...

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Anna said...

Hej Fishie!

I think it'll be fun to see what goals you come up with and read about your progress. However, I'm far from the inventor of the "101 things to do in 1001 days", and I wouldn't want to take cradit for it. I think most people give credit to

Have fun! :)