Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving + Scrabble = Blah

I celebrated my first Thanksgiving as a married woman with my Hubby, his parents, my parents, my brother, his gf Rachel, and her kiddies Micky and Lawrence. Everyone came over to our house which meant I had tons of cleaning to do since Mom is allergic to my 2 kitty cats. There was overabundance of food: turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, mac & cheese, yams, green bean casserole, cranberry, peas/carrots, and deviled eggs. For dessert we had apple pie (secret recipe by Hubby's mom), pumpkin pie (secret recipe by my mom), and gingerbread (by Rachel).

Tables set for 10

It was all delish! I have a habit of overestimating the amount of food to make for a large crowd. Ten is considered a large crowd for me when I'm used to only cooking for two. I cooked a 21 pound turkey so we would have plenty of leftovers. Dinner was yummy but with so much food, I only had a small taste of everything before I ran out of room on my plate. After the dinner clean up, a game of Scrabble ensued much to my dismay. I loathe Scrabble, always have, always will. Hubby's family (i.e. mom and grandmom) like to play after dinner at family gatherings so I'm trying to get used to it. Big Step: I took over mom's spot in Scrabble when she had to leave because of her allergies.

Now we're looking forward to a 2nd Thanksgiving dinner at Hubby's grandmom's on Sunday. Yay more turkey, boo more Scrabble!


The Super Goop said...

OMG OMG!!! We will convert you. I just know it. :)

She Who said...

You know in a couple of years you'll love it. Shame you didn't marry into my side of the family. Tee Hee.

We don't play Scrabble. We veg and watch Christmas movies. Even though we know all the lines.

Aunt Nellie