Monday, November 3, 2008

I am re-identified

A variety of changes have occurred over the last week:

I have started the lengthy process of changing my last name. Today, I am officially no longer Miss OldLastName (that I love) but I'm Mrs. NewLastName. I went to the Social Security office a week ago and updated my records there so the IRS has my tax info correct. I gave work my new social security card today so they could update my records. Now I will have a new work email address, name plate, and business cards.

I went for the second time to get my driver's license during lunch today. I originally tried on Saturday but the line nazi told me I didn't have enough information with me. Apparently a US passport, digital drivers license, certified marriage certificate, and utility bill were not enough to proved I was Miss OldLastName. I needed my birth certificate too (UGH)!

Well, today I went armed with a ridiculous amount of information including my birth certificate. Oh, did I mention the only thing I needed to get my name changed on my social security card was my passport and my old social security seems like someone has their priorities backward. I showed a boat load of information to yet another line nazi (who this time was turning away a guy because his social security card was creased down the center!), filled out the form on which I put my old last name down (D'OH!), paid $11, got my picture taken, and I'm Mrs. NewLastName.

Now I just need to update my bank accounts, credit cards, mortgage....and it goes on and on.

Another change occurred this past week as well. Yesterday I chopped off my hair. I had been wanting to since a month before the wedding but held out so that I could put my hair up. Yesterday I went and had it cut to just above my shoulders. I love it! It feels so much healthier and lighter, definitely lighter. It's the first time since I started dating Hubby that I've cut my hair so drastically. The last time I got it cut really short, the lady cut it too short and I hated it! I was miserable until it started to grow in a bit. Lesson learned - now I know how short is too short for my face!

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Anna said...

Seems like such a hassle to change your name... I made a name change when I was 16 (added a name) and luckily it was fairly simple; get signature of both my parents and send in some document. That was it.

If I ever get married (which I doubt I will) I won't change my name (for a number of reasons) but I wonder if it might be a bit easier changing names here in Sweden?...