Thursday, December 4, 2008

I am obsessed!!

No, not with True Blood!!! Although, Hubby and I started watching the first season on HBO on Demand this week. We've watched about 4 episodes and are mildly hooked. The show always ends in a crazy way, which drives me crazy but that is not my new obsession.

I'm obsessed with Paperback Swap. I had no idea what I was missing! I read fairly quickly and rarely re-read anything. I had heard of places for swapping paperbacks in my area but had no idea there was an online community. I've listed about 15 books so far that I would have no regrets never seeing again and 2 of them I've just packaged up to ship out. I'm getting rid of the book I "borrowed" from Mexico, The California Club, and Great Expectations. Yeah, it's a classic but once a book is made into a movie it really ruins the book for me.

I don't have anything on my wish list yet, but I do have a book on it's way. I was in Walmart checking out books the other night, figuring Walmart would be cheaper than Amazon (which is where I normally get books) but boy was I wrong!! That's when I decided to check out Paperback Swap (PBS). It's pretty cool! Each book costs a credit. You get 2 credits when you first start and post 10 books, and 1 credit for each book that you mail out. You have to pay shipping when a book is requested from you but it's relatively cheap via Media Mail. So I ordered the book I saw in Walmart from PBS and it's already on it's way.

I still have all these library books I need to read in the meantime!

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