Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Those that live in glass houses shouldn't ...

Every Tuesday I leave work a little early to try and beat traffic on my way to night class. I usually get to campus an hour or more before class because traffic is just that bad around the city. I kill time sitting in my car watching the people walking / driving by. Today was no different only I left a little later than usual and had to parallel park on a busy city street with minimal space. I used the pull right in tactic but I was 2 feet away from the curb. Grrrr!!! I tried to straighten out but backing up and moving forward several times did not change the situation. I had to pull back out (in rush hour traffic here) and re-park. It was ridiculous to watch, I'm sure!

Once my car was parked correctly, the people watching commenced. I saw a guy throw back a bag of doritos...not something I personally do in public, a lady walking a really different colored Siberian husky, and some people driving like absolute morons.

The parking authority drove by my car and slowed down, which freaked me out. At that point it was 5pm and time for me to pay the meter anyway. I had my quarters all ready to go but the meter was out of order! It was overloaded with quarters probably due to the recent price increase. I took a picture of the meter # and out of order sign just in case. I'm worried I'll get back to my car tonight and have a ticket! After seeing Parking Wars on A&E this weekend I'd rather not have any run ins with the PPA!

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