Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Annoying neighbors, crappy weather, and a stinky dog

Things are pretty sucky right now.

I'm a terrible blogger at the moment. I'm highly unmotivated to blog or do much of anything that does not involve sitting on the couch under 3 or so blankets and watching television. Oh, I can blog while sitting on the couch watching TV? Ooops!

I fell off the church wagon. How hard is it to give up an hour of my Sunday for God you ask? When that hour is in the morning at 8 am, it's pretty darn hard right now, especially since it's winter. I've been meaning to go back but church then leads to me going food shopping (Acme is right up the street) and I hate food shopping, especially when it's all little old ladies (coming from church of course). I want to be in, then out, without knocking little old ladies to the ground. It scares me because I look at them and think, wow, that will be me someday. Makes me want to cry quite honestly.

I've also fallen off the gym wagon. I was motivated to go, along with everyone else right after New Year's. None of the machines I like to use were available so it was pointless going. I need to go back especially with the 7 boxes of girl scout cookies Hubby bought, the baking I've been doing, the huge bag of Swedish Fish (mmmmm!) from Christmas, and all the take out we've been having.

It's been an especially cold winter here. Last night it snowed more than has in the past 2 or so years. The snow covered trees are beautiful. I love snow, except when I have to drive in it. Beetles are not made for driving in snow and unfortunately I had an exam last night. The teacher bumped the exam up to earlier in the evening because of the weather but was 40 minutes late!! By the time I left after the exam the roads were messy and snow covered. Weather forecasters predicted 1-3" of snow and damn were they wrong. Philadelphia received 8" of snow last night!

I couldn't get my car up any further in the driveway after class because it was mostly covered in snow.

The beginning of the storm!

Our neighbors are ridiculously (insert negative adjective here). We try to stay out of their way, avoid eye contact, etc but sometimes its hard to ignore them. For the past 48-72 hours we've been experiencing a round the clock rock concert. Brother #2 who occupies the upstairs apartment has all of his windows open (yes, it is very, very cold here) and is blasting music starting around 730-8am until 10pm. It's annoying because there is no escaping it in our house. I don't know how the people (his brother & family) deal with it!!! I've going to get a copy of the local noise ordinance tomorrow.

Paige is going to the vet tomorrow. It's time for annual check up, shots, etc. I'm glad she's going because her eyes have been runny lately. I'm not a bad fur mommy though! Her eyes have always been runny, just really bad lately. She's also quite stinky! We're going to have the vet check out her situation but it's pretty bad. I'm afraid she's making our whole house smell like butt!

Pretty (my parents beagle) & Paige napping during Pretty's visit last weekend.

Hubby's bday is tomorrow so it's time to get cracking on his birthday cheesecake.

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