Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy V-Day!

Hubby and I celebrated our 1st married Valentine's day together! We exchanged cards and a bag of green m&m's for him and a tiger stuffie for me. Normally we put alot of money into Valentine's Day but with our recent purchases and the economy it's money better left unspent.

Our recent purchase for Hubby's birthday:
It's awesome! I couldn't see wasting money on another Dell laptop with Windows I'm not a PC. I'm a MAC baby!! The iMAC is currently sitting on my desk, with it's fancy printer, while my laptop and printer(s) are homeless. I bought Hubby the wireless keyboard and mouse too. We've been uploading CDs onto it all weekend since Hubby lost all his music when his Gateway crashed after which his iPOD died.

Saturday morning, Hubby helped a friend move and I spent the morning with my mom. We went to the gym and had a good work out, went to the supermarket, and even fit in a quick trip to the fabric store. Hubby and I had dinner with my parents, my brother, brother's gf, and brother's gf's son instead of fighting the crowds of couples trying to have a romantic dinner on an overrated non-holiday. Mom made meatloaf topped with mozzarella cheese, twice baked potatoes, spinach, and green beans. I made an Angel food cake for dessert which we topped with strawberries and whipped cream.

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