Saturday, August 30, 2008

Home So Soon :(

It was so hard to leave this morning. It looked like it was going to be a gorgeous day at the beach except.....the medical waste washing up on shore. For the past week, the Jersey Shore has been plagued with medical waste washing up along the coast line. Last Saturday, medical waste (syringes, iv needles, and cotton swabs) washed up on the beaches of Avalon, NJ which is just south of Sea Isle City where my family was staying. A few days later some medical waste washed up on the beaches of Ocean City, NJ just north of Sea Isle City. We were very careful on the beach and made sure we were looking where we walked. Yesterday afternoon, a sign was on the beach one block from our house that said "KEEP OUT- Beach closed by order of Sea Isle City Police Department". There were still people on the beach and unfortunately there were people still in the water. They only closed one block of beach that I'm aware of. My outlook is if it washed up north and south of Sea Isle and one block away from us the entire beach should be closed...but what do I know?

I miss sitting on the deck and watching the waves roll in, seeing the dolphins jumping out of the water, reading on the beach, getting burned by the sun, the complete relaxation and lack of responsibility. What I will not miss about my vacation is the constant sand on my feet/legs, the green flies, the children living above us bouncing off the walls for hours on end, and the fear of taking a step and landing on a needle.

Only one more month until the wedding and my next extended vacation!

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