Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hurricanes and Other Natural Disasters

Tropical Storm Fay is currently pounding the state of Florida which normally would not concern me but....2 of my coworkers were sent to Tampa for work this week. I actually asked if I could go!! What was I thinking? My company's Tampa office is closed today due to the storm so hopefully my coworkers don't have to work today either. Fay could potentially rain out my vacation next week! She could take 2 tracks at this point. You know how exact the science of meteorology is right? They can't predict the weather until it's already here so I'm not too worried about it.

In other disasters, not quite natural, a large apartment complex caught on fire near one of my company's local offices. The fire occurred last week about 5pm just before people were getting home from work. It was an eight alarm (huge) fire! It started on a construction site next to the apartment complex from the construction workers' acetylene torches. The fire quickly spread throughout the construction site and then jumped over to the occupied buildings. Unfortunately, one of my coworkers lived in one of the buildings and lost everything including her cat. Many of the displaced residents will have the opportunity to go back this week and see what's left. My coworker will only be able to direct the workers to her apartment later this week as her apartment is in really bad condition. A few pets have been rescued since the fire and returned to their owners. I was even teary-eyed watching the reunions on the news. At this point, only a few pets have been unaccounted for so I'm hopeful that my coworker's cat has survived this disaster.

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Anna said...

Fires are awful disasters for people. I hope your colleague is doing okey considering...