Monday, August 18, 2008

Soft and Crafty

I finally did it! I joined the gym again. The best part about my gym are the yoga classes that I've missed for the past 2 years. I'm sure the first couple of classes are going to be painful until my body remembers the poses. I hope yoga/exercising will help with the stress I'm feeling from the wedding. Oh, and I guess this means Wii Fit was a failure!

I joined the gym on Friday but didn't make my way there until Sunday. It was a busy weekend full of friends, fun, and food/drink that I'm sure was not on my diet plan. Friday night, I went with Mom to JoAnn Fabric to get the finishing touches for the wedding favors. We couldn't find the ribbon I wanted at a reasonable price (we need like 40 yards). I just got home in time for my brother to come pick me and FH up to go to a friend's for a fun night :)

Saturday afternoon FH, my brother, and FH's dad went to get tuxes. I went with to make sure the colors would match what the girls are wearing and then I was off for a shopping adventure of my own. I had big plans for the afternoon but only managed to get to AC Moore before my excitement for shopping went away. It's such an overwhelming store. I bought more things for the wedding and found the ribbon I needed (YAY!). I see a trip to AC Moore in the near future to get some more fun wedding crafts. Saturday night a friend was having a luau so we went over for a bit and then on to another friend's to watch the Olympics! I couldn't miss witnessing Olympic history.

Sunday was a long, busy day too! I'm still doing the church thing (and I'm very proud). I had breakfast with my friends from high school including SJ who lives in California. SJ was home for a wedding this weekend and we were all really happy she had time to see us before flying back. After breakfast, I went to the gym for an hour and then over to JoAnn again. I couldn't help myself since patterns that are normally $10-$20 were on sale for $1. Well I bought 7 patterns, plus gorgeous (cheap) fabric for pillows for our front porch furniture. I'm feeling crafty :)

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