Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Procrastination is like....

Wow, my first blog entry in my very first blog! :::Cherishing this moment:::

Really I'm just delaying the inevitable, like always. I obsess over school and exams for a ridiculous amount of time. I have an exam on Thursday in a class that I will never use in my professional career. Did I mention I'm in grad school? I've completed 4 / 16 classes for my degree so I've got a long way to go.

For an entire week before an exam I drive everyone around me crazy. I obsess over studying, which might be ok if I actually studied. I make a plan to study over the weekend before an exam and then every day after work up until the exam. IT NEVER HAPPENS! I find every possible way to avoid studying. This weekend it was farmer's market with mom, visit from FH's parents, cleaning, cleaning, and more cleaning. Basically, I'd rather clean than study!

So it's Tuesday, and I haven't gotten very far going through my notes. I guess my final procrastination is my new found interest in ..... blogging :)

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JuLo said...

Oh man. Once you enter the world of blogging procrastination, you can never go back! I've made many a blog post trying to get out of writing a paper or studying for a test. Good luck fellow procrastinator!