Wednesday, May 28, 2008

My lame excuses to avoid dieting and the gym

Last year I went on a diet about this same time to lose about ten pounds. I did weight watchers for a few months and I really stuck to it. I think it's the mentality that I'm paying for it, I should get my money's worth. My downfall was my vacation last August when I overdosed on cookies :) Since then there's been no easy way to get back on track. Needless to say I gained the 10 pounds back and haven't had any motivation to do weight watchers again.

For a year I had a gym membership which I never used, so I cancelled it. There was just not enough time to go to the gym, or maybe it was my lack of motivation! So this year, I bought a GPS and planned on using it to go hiking. I figured it'd pay for itself since I wouldn't need the gym with all the hiking I'd be doing...yeah, right!

My new lose weight quick scheme is to get Wii Fit (for Nintendo wii) only I can't find it ANYWHERE. I have my fair share of video games and when I'm in the store the boy behind the counter asks if I'd like to reserve a game. HA! Reserve a video game! Shouldn't you be able to just walk in the store and buy it?! Well Wii Fit came out a week or so ago and no one has it. Not Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Circuit City, Gamestop, Sears, NO ONE! The fact that I can't find it makes me want it more. If it's sold out everywhere, in this "recession" it must be AWESOME! My search continues....I have a few leads so hopefully I'll have it by Friday. Oh, and I know using a video game to lose a few pounds sounds ridiculous but if I'll be playing video games anyway, what's the harm?

UPDATE: Well I became impatient after multiple trips to Best Buy and being told a million different estimates of when the game would be in stock, so I took the craigslist approach. I got my Wii Fit yesterday for slightly more than what I would have paid in the store but the kid did deliver it to me. I tried it out after work today and will post my review of it soon :)

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