Thursday, March 7, 2013

Woodland Sampler - Cross Stitch

When I was alot younger, my mom used to do cross stitch.  We were on vacation at the shore and one of my aunts came over and taught her.  I remember it so vividly because I wanted so badly to learn at that time.  My mom made so many cross stitch patterns when I was growing up...Christmas stockings, Christmas tree ornaments, and numerous wall hangings.  If you had a baby during my mom's cross stitch days, sure enough you would receive a framed cross stitch with the baby's name & birth date.  Each time she finished a design, we would take it to get framed.  You know, the kind of place where you pick out a frame and a mat, you pay an arm and a leg, and they would frame it for you.  They always looked so beautiful and still do some 20+ years later.

When I was old enough, my mom finally taught me how to do cross stitch.  I would start one and she would finish it.  I never had the attention span to finish a design.  The only one I ever finished was for a friend who was getting married....and well, that marriage did not last.

When I saw the Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery's cross stitch patterns I knew it was time to pick up the hobby again.  Their patterns are super adorable.  Have you seen their winter wonderland countdown sampler??  It's on my wishlist.  I signed up right away when I saw they were releasing a Woodland Sampler starting in January.  Each pattern/design is released around the 1st of the month and so far I'm loving it!

January - Snowy Deer Couple
I stitched up January's pattern while I was recovering from a minor surgery.  It kept my hands busy while I was stuck laying in bed for a few days.

February - Midnight Raccoon Bandit

February's block isn't completed yet.  I think I'm going to outline around the raccoon's eyes a little more and fill in the moon.  Probably filling the moon in with the dark blue so that the "e" in February is visible.

March - Marchy McMushroom
March's block only took part of an afternoon.  I might still add a teeny-tiny shamrock in front of the "M" but I'm not sure there's enough space.

I had always intended to make a cross stitch for Emma's birth, but was too worried I would lose interest and never finish.  Since April 1st is so far away, I'll probably purchase another Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery pattern and add Emma's birth stats to it because the poor girl has next to nothing hanging on her walls!

Emma (in January)

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