Thursday, March 14, 2013

A little review...

I recently picked up a copy of Quilty magazine at JoAnn's when I was really supposed to be shopping for a birthday gift for my (almost) sister in law.  I spent so much time in the store trying to pick out yarn, needles, or even a knitting book for her but I wasn't having any luck and I really didn't want to leave the store empty handed.  I was deciding between Quilts & More and Quilty and I ended up picking Quilty because I had never read it/seen it before and it had an article about quilt guilds.  The quilty (ha-ha, get it?) content was ok.  The quilt patterns (previews here) are geared towards beginners so easy-peasy stuff.  There is a quilt that I've considering making, so that's a win!  I was pretty disappointed with the article about quilt guilds though.  It seemed more like, this is why you shouldn't join a guild, guilds aren't for everyone unless you have lots of time because we are all so busy.  Well ain't that the truth, but I still love my guild(s) and sewing with friends is so much better than sewing solo.

I did enjoy the article on batting, the fabric eye candy, & I really liked that they included information for submitting content (i.e. original quilt patterns).  Will I buy it again?  Sure...I mean just check out this cover, and this is pretty nice too!

My local JoAnn's is closing....well or as they say moving.  When you're used to having a JoAnn's less than 2 minutes from your house forever and then they decide to close AFTER they open the new one...they're really just closing.  They aren't moving merchandise, they aren't restocking anything...they are pretty much just selling what they have left and slowly moving everything up to the front of the store leaving the back half empty.  When I was there last night, the yarn was pretty slim pickings.  The magazines were gone.  I wanted to pick up the new Quilty but all of the magazines were removed. :::sad face:::

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