Tuesday, March 12, 2013

March - Just 3!

So in attempt to get more done each month, I'm linking up to Traceyjay quilts's Just Three.  Since this is my first time participating {hi everyone!} I don't have a report for last month.

March's Goals

1.  Finish hand sewing the binding on Emma's Smitten quilt.  It's over half done.  I've just abandoned it for other fun projects.

2. Piece blocks for my Hugs and Kisses quilt.  I finally picked out my neutral color on Sunday (Moda Cross weave in light gray- so awesome!) so now I need to press my strip sets, cut the fabric using the Lazy Angle ruler and piece it all back together again.

Progress made since I drafted this post :)
3. Since I started a knitting class in January, I think a knitting goal is only fair.  I need to finish my other finger-less mitten so that I can stop freezing my butt {or hands} off at work.  One of the few disadvantages of having a drafty window office....also apparently, you can knit two mitts, socks, whatever, at the same time on circular needles. :::Smacks self on head::::  Apparently, the teacher thought that I should already have known this....even though I'm a {self taught until now} beginner, in a beginner's class.  Lesson learned, lady!

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Sasha said...

Ohhhh I love Simply Color. I really should have bought some before it all disappeared. Your quilt is going to be gorgeous!!!
I tried knitting socks two at a time once, but found it to be very fiddly. I'll try again someday :) I hope you finish your other fingerless mitt soon!! Stay warm!!