Monday, April 19, 2010


Friday April 9th was the second sewing night for the Philly Modern Quilt Guild.  Since I had yet to finish piecing my Charisma top together, I figured that was the perfect project to take.  By the time Friday night was over, I finally started sewing the rows together to complete the top.  I am sooo in love with this quilt probably because it’s something for me! 


Since I don’t have backing yet for the Charisma quilt, I moved right on to my next project, Julie’s Hexagon Quilt A Long, which I got a sneak peek at during the guild sewing night.  I’m using Hunky Dory by Moda.  The colors are very cheerful and springy but slightly muted so I’m worried about having good contrast in my blocks.  For Christmas Hubby bought me an equilateral triangle template which I thought I would never have a use for until now!  He was pretty excited (as excited as a husband can be about quilting)  last night when he saw it on the floor and asked me if was actually going to use it.  Of course, why else would it be on the floor?  I cut the majority of my fabric on the floor.  Is that terrible?  I don’t have a cutting table and sometimes transporting the cutting mat, fabric, and rotary cutter to the dining room table (which I then have to clear off) just doesn’t seem worth it. 


This is only half of the triangles I have cut so far.  Can’t wait to sew together my hexagon blocks!  After seeing a few different layouts, I think I’m going to go with just one block type (above).   Hope you join in on the fun!


Anonymous said...

Everything is so pretty! I love when the guys get so excited like that ;)

Catherine said...

I think your hexagons are looking great! Nice amount of contrast but still muted colours. I too cut out on the floor and find it good to have room to spread out.

jaybird said...

oh i'm so glad the sewing night helped you to get lots done!! and the hunky dory... oh i want to steal that from you it's so cute!!