Friday, September 11, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

Today is a very special day for my family.  Today is the eleventh of September, also known as my Dad's 50th Birthday.  I have mixed feelings about how to celebrate the day and I can't imagine how my dad must feel to have his birthday forever marked with the tragedy known as September 11th.  We remember those lost on that day....But still we celebrate, especially this year, and this milestone. 

For dad's birthday, I surprised him with cupcakes at work.  Dad only works about a mile away from where I work so it was actually quite convenient.  I'm very glad Dad decided to go to work today as there will be a special surprise waiting for him when he gets home.  I am very much like my father...I hate to be the center of attention.  I hate to stand out in a crowd.  Let's hope Dad is not too angry with me for my present!

100_0963 by you.

So Happy 50th Birthday to the best dad a girl could ever have!!!

Oh and don't worry!  I'll be picking a giveaway winner shortly :)

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