Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I believe in destiny…

I’m attending a work conference in Baltimore. I was asked to go suddenly to fill in for another coworker. I was only supposed to be here for 2 days, but as it turns out I’m here for the long haul.

At first it seemed like God, or somebody was keeping me from traveling. I had so many “stay home” signs, it’s a little eerie. First, none of my clothes fit. Literally. I know you have fat clothes. Every woman has fat clothes. Nevermind. As I’m writing this I’m remember my husband is one of my only readers and this is TMI for us newlyweds!

So aside from buying a whole new wardrobe (which is ok, it’s one of my 101 goals), my headlight burned out the night before I was set to leave. Yep! So I drove my butt to the local auto part store, picked up the light, and off I went to replace it. After an hour of arguing with Hubby, the light was in place, but it still didn’t work. Apparently the part store (jerk) sold me the wrong light. So we spent an hour pulling out the headlight (trust me it was fun) to replace something that already worked! So I said f-it I’ll drive during the day.

Day of departure: So frustrated with car last night, don’t pack until morning of trip. Late for work. Leave work around noon, forget insurance cards. Driving out of state with one headlight and no insurance cards = (potentially) lots of tickets. Forget business cards. You do know you are going to a business conference right??? Get lunch, get business cards, get on the road. Forget toothpaste. Awesome!

Stay tuned for more tales of my adventures in Baltimore!

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