Thursday, May 7, 2009

Adventures in Traveling, Part 2

Murphy’s law…the story of my life.

Normally when traveling I keep a close eye on my belongings. In this day and age, you have to. To me, nothing is safe in the hotel room. I've read too many online reviews lately and even know people who have had items stolen from their hotel rooms. Everything should be locked away to not even tempt the housekeeping staff. Luckily, my hotel provides a safe. However, as you might’ve guessed, my safe does not work. So I basically left a laptop, wallet, mp3 player, camera, and GPS (it is the technology age after all) in an unlocked safe.

I ran up to my room, mid day and found my door open. Yep, awesome! Housekeeping had come, clean, and left my damn door open. So now not only is my stuff sitting in an open safe, but my door is open. Coincidence? I don’t know.

I went straight to the front desk, after checking that my possessions were in place. I got an apology. That’s it! Not a “we’ll look into it”, not even a “we’ll talk to the housekeeping staff”, just an apology by some creep with a British accent, so I'll admit the apology did sound nicer. I also told them my safe was broke. They said they would send someone up right away. Since I was attending a conference I said I would not be able to be in my room and they assured me it was not a problem. I go to my room half an hour later and my phone is blinking red. The safe fixer people left a voice mail (which retrieving was a PITA) that as I was not in the room, they would have to come back when I wanted them to open my safe. They even got the freakin message wrong! I put the little privacy, do not disturb, aka GO AWAY sign on my door and left it up for the remainder of my trip!

This stuff seriously only happens to me! Email me if you'd like the name of that lovely little hotel!

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