Thursday, December 11, 2008

My neighbors probably think I'm strange

Yesterday was by far the nicest day to decorate outside. Yesterday's forecast was a high of 60 degrees F and rain. 60 in December!?! I'd prefer warm and wet to cold any day! I really anticipated decorating after work but Hubby forgot to stop at Target on the way home from the daily grind to get fancy lights for the walkway and I thought it was better not to say anything about it.

Instead of decorating, I surfed the net for seriously 2 hours. Looking at what? Who knows! I'm always finding some new interesting site to stalk constantly. My growing list includes facebook, Cake Wrecks (I have seriously laughed so hard, I cried looking at some of these disasters!), other fun and interesting blogs, PaperBackSwap, Amazon, and my local news station. After my laptop started flashing the red battery dying light I knew it was now or never. Hubby was wrapped up in an online game of COD: World at War so I figured what the heck.

I put up colored icicle lights across the front of our porch, white icicle lights in our front window, and colored lights in our bush. It so looked like crap and under done so I grabbed Hubby and off to Walmart we went. Not my first choice, but it's the closest. We got little light up snowflakes for the walkway up to the house and light up candy canes for across the front of the house. The colored icicle lights looked terrible with all of the other white lights, so down they came. I replaced them with white icicle lights and it looks sooo much better. This was after our neighbor saw me putting up the colored lights and said how festive it looked. Who puts up lights and then takes them down? My neighbors must think I'm some high maintenance biotch but in actuality Hubby is the one that prefers white lights...thinks they are more elegant....I grew up in the ghetto, I want my colored lights please!

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