Friday, June 24, 2011

Sewing for Baby….

A couple of weeks ago, I went for an anatomy ultrasound.  I was on the fence the whole pregnancy about looking vs. not looking.  I wanted the baby’s gender to be a surprise, while Hubby wanted to know what we were having.

Well, we looked!  We were so shocked to find out that we are going to have a little girl!  I was so sure it was a boy, I even bought fabric for a little boy quilt.  I have to say there is something really special about knowing that I’m carrying a little girl, as opposed to a baby.  It makes the bond that much stronger…just my opinion (from someone who didn’t want to find out, so no hating please!).

Sewing for a baby girl has been so much fun already!  Awhile ago I picked up Handmade Beginnings by Anna Maria Horner.  There were so many projects in it I wanted to make, but never had the time nor motivation until recently.

The first project I picked was the quick change trousers.  They are so cute!  I made the smallest size (0-3 months) and plan on making bigger sizes after the baby arrives.  The pattern provides sizes for up to 24 months.  The only con, if you can even call it a con, is that you have to copy each pattern piece since there are multiple pattern pieces printed on top of each other on one page.

The pattern itself was really easy and the pants are completely reversible!  The only trouble I had was sewing the hem on the legs, because of the teeny tiny opening. This was done relatively easily by just sewing a little slower than normal.

I’ve made one pair so far and have 2 more in the works….including a pair in this cute Parisville shell fabric.  I might have to snag some more of this fabric before it’s hard to find!

Next, I’m going to try the pretty as a picture dress from Handmade Beginnings in this Amy Butler fabric.  I think it’s going to be adorable!

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Manda said...

Yay congrats on the little girl.
Pants are cute :)