Monday, January 24, 2011


A few weekends ago, I spent Saturday afternoon with my mother-in-law, while Hubby was out with father-in-law at a sporting event.  MIL brought along some crocheting and we spent the day on the couch watching my favorite movie ever (Zombieland), her crocheting and me knitting.  I mostly taught myself to knit from a book I picked up at Joann’s a few years ago. 

Well, I’ve caught the knitting bug again.  I’d never actually finished anything until now. 


Scarf made from some random purple yarn I thought would look really cool knitting with huge needles…I was right :)

My first scarf is done…and I’ve started on a second.  I even found a pattern online that involves slightly more than just the single knit stitch….it looks awesome!  I unfortunately caught the flu last week so knitting kept me busy while I was recovering on the couch. 

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Christine said...

Pretty!! I love the idea of knitting, but haven't done much of it (made a scarf). Have fun knitting and I hope you feel better soon!