Friday, December 3, 2010

Just in time for fall…errrrr

When I first saw the Poppy line by Laura Gunn I knew I had to buy it to make an Amy Butler birdie sling with it…unfortunately that was months ago.   I was hoping to finish it in time for the fall, but honestly as  I started cutting the fabric and miles of interfacing I just lost interest.  Then all of a sudden, it was fall (now winterish)!  I pulled the pattern and fabric back out of my stash and was determined to finish that darn bag…a little cutting here and there and I was finally finished. 


Construction of the actual bag was pretty simple…but some how I screwed it up.  I sewed the gussets in the wrong direction so my bag is more box shaped at the bottom.  I was mildly distracted while sewing with Julie and Candi (but this is in no way blame!!) and didn’t really realize it until Candi very gently pointed out my error….We all had a good laugh and I finished the bag, errors included since I had already cut the fabric at that point. 


I seriously have to say the cutting took me longer than sewing the actual bag.  I’m so sure, next time I’m going to time myself! 

Oh, and here’s the fabric for the next birdie sling since I’m so determined to construct this bag correctly. 


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Josurin said...

I LOVE those blue fabrics at the bottom. Those are from the same line that I'm using for you-know-what! Only the ones I have are in pink, green, and brown.