Thursday, July 14, 2011

More Bee Blocks

I’ve had more energy lately….and I think I might be starting to nest. lol!  I’ve been obsessed with cleaning, knitting little baby hats, and sewing for baby.  Cooking and food shopping have not been high on my list of priorities but one’s husband can only starve for too long before going to the market, right?!

Since I’m not up for basting large quilts on the floor quite right now, I decided to get a jump on July’s bee block.  This block is for Susan in the Scrap Bee.  Susan requested a “square in a square” block using aqua, orange, and green.   

Fabric for Susan’s block came from the scrap basket, except the orange.  I picked some up recently because I have very little orange in the stash.  Using orange scares me….I love the orange tulip print above, but when it comes to using orange I hesitate to put it into a quilt. 

Am I the only one with an orange (or other color) phobia?

My block for the Scrap Bee was May.  My plan was to make a few extra blocks for my quilt so it would be a little larger for the baby.

I’ve made two blocks so far using scraps from other projects.

My favorite print is that zebra one.  Isn’t it fantastic!  It came in a scrap pack I bought online so I only have a small piece.

The first block seemed really time consuming to make….these blocks go really smoothly if you have your scraps cut into strips and pressed.  The second block went a lot quicker once I organized my scraps.  Not sure how many more I’ll end up making, but if your scrap bin is overflowing I highly recommend these blocks using this tutorial.


kelly said...

i'm working on a spiderweb quilt right now too! i'm paper-piecing mine. it's so much fun!

Denise in PA said...

Love your bee block! I am not afraid of orange - it's one of my favorites. The orange looks perfect with the other fabrics in your block!

The Rx quilter said...

Thank you for the tutorial link..I have seen these a lot lately and they look harder than they really are....Lisa in Texas

rubyslipperz said...

"procrastinator"...omgosh! this is my middle name! I luv your blog title!

color phobia - OH yeah!! mine is yellow (unless very "ice-y" yellow and paired with LOTS of blue). It's bad, ' know the packs of straws from Wal-mart?...well, I use all the colors except yellow. I save them for visitors to use...if, they last too long...(I know bad to the earth and all)...I throw them away. So, I'm guessing one might call this a phobea?

I really like the the squared block...the colors doooo look pretty. =)

=) new follower =)

jacob said...

Oh, I LOVE orange! My color phobia is RED...there's narry a fat quarter of that color in my stash!