Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stitch & Pitch with PMQG

Tuesday was a Philadelphia Modern Quilt Guild event – Stitch & Pitch with the Phillies.  Picture this…a sell out crowd at Citizen’s Bank Park with a 1,000 or so women (& men) knitting, crocheting, or in our case quilting!  It was awesome, but hot…so hot and humid.  Everyone with a Stitch & Pitch ticket got a cute Phillie phanatic bobble head.

img_0546bWho knew the phanatic could knit?  Yet another reason to love him! 

It was a pretty horrendous game with lots of fielding errors and not so good pitching, but we still had fun.  Trust me!

The Philadelphia Chapter of Project Linus was collecting blankets.  I donated a baby quilt…and completely forgot to take a picture of it.   It is exactly the same pattern as this Happy Campers quilt though (fabric & all)…the only difference is it was stippled.

Julie posted a full recap over here, so go check it out!


Christine said...

It looks like it was tons of fun (minus the heat). I was sorry to have missed it, but I think I would have melted. :)

jaybird said...

i'm glad you came to the game! it was nice to meet your mom & spend some non-sewing time with you! ;-)