Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Essence of Life

For Christmas, my extended family participated in a white elephant gift exchange.  My intention was to make my gift…it was a good intention.  I pieced a disappearing 9 patch table runner out of Essence by Deb Strain for Moda.  I was going to make coasters or buy a candle to go with it.  I only got as far as the piecing until work magically sent me off to central Pennsylvania for a few days. 

What really happened was I became  afraid…of stippling.  Silly, right?  I loved the pieced top and thought it would look amazing stippled…but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  So there it sits, unfinished and calling out.  But now I have a problem…I have a baby quilt I want  to stipple so it looks like I’ll be tackling that table runner after all!  It’ll be great practice for a bigger project.

100_1156 100_1155

We have another major snowstorm on the way tonight.  Our third of over 20 inches in one year.  Craziness!  Maybe I’ll attempt some stippling between shoveling duty!


Christine said...

I admit it...I'm afraid of stippling too. Your runner is really gorgeous. I'm sure your quilting will come out beautifully! Stay warm- can you believe they are saying we might get more on Monday!?! They better be wrong! ~Christine

Diane said...

Table runners are great practice for your machine quilting. I did about 10 for the holidays before moving on to a couple quilts. Keep in mind that washing your project after you complete it makes stipling very forgiving... the crinkly goodness of the quilting erases all those sharp corners.