Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Birdie Baby Quilt

Wow, I’ve disappeared for awhile!  Holy Cow! 

I swear after June (i.e. graduation followed by a wealth of free time) my blogging habits will be much better.  Really!

Lately I’ve become obsessed with precuts especially charm packs.   I bought Birdie charm packs in anticipation that one of my two pregnant coworkers would be having a girl.  No such luck!

Instead, a good friend of mom’s daughter is pregnant and guess what?!  It’s a girl.  So I whipped this up just in time for her shower on Sunday.  I love the binding and backing on this one.




What I love even more than this watermelon backing, is the quilt rack made by my Hubby for Christmas.  The tiger maple is gorgeous…. (please excuse the furry floor)



Too bad I’ve only made 3 quilts and have given all 3 away!!


Christine said...

Cute! Girlie quilts are so much fun. Your hubs did a great job with the quit rack. :) Christine

jaybird said...

well next one is for you then!! cute quilt!