Monday, June 29, 2009

Summer, Summer, Summer Time!!!

In the past week, I've added so many blogs to my reader I can't keep up! It's great to see the projects everyone has been working on.

Here's what I've been up to:

Finished Object - Frenchy Bag

I enjoyed making this bag! The fabric was cute and the pattern was super simple, especially since this is the second one I made. The only pattern alteration I made was I made the 2 pockets into 4 so they would be more functional. I think now I'll try the handbag (smaller) version of this bag!

This week has been incredibly busy. I had a whole bunch of things to post, but not enough time! School started Monday, the world lost Farah and MJ on Thursday, and we experienced a loss of our own the same day. Our neighbor's dog Larry got off of his leash Wednesday night and was hit by a train. It was horrible. He was one of four dachsunds that our neighbors rescued. Larry left behind his mate/wife who was just rescued by my neighbors not too long ago. Paige lost a very good friend that day.

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Anna said...

Oh, the bag looks so summery!!!

And I'm sorry about your neighbour's dog. Our animals mean more to us than some might think...